How Runners Can Avoid Muscle Overuse

Whether they are training for a marathon or training to get back into shape, runners everywhere know that pushing themselves a little harder each time is crucial to seeing results. However, push that limit too far, and runners can face long-term injuries, especially when it comes to their knees.


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Avoiding muscle overuse from running does not mean never pushing yourself. In fact, increasing your exercise limits gradually helps strengthen the body’s muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. The key that makes this process successful, however, is gradually increasing your limits. 


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When runners increase their mileage and speed too soon or do not give themselves enough time to recover, the process that should build muscles can actually break muscles down and result in larger injuries, like runner’s knee and jumper’s knee, over time. That is why increasing mileage and speed gradually greatly reduces a runner’s chance of long-term injury.


In addition to gradually increasing the intensity of their training and taking proper rest days, runners can also avoid overusing their muscles and potential long term injuries by wearing injury-preventative gear.

For example, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support has an anatomically contoured pad that surrounds the knee cap to redistribute pressure and protect the knee against overloading. This will greatly reduce and alleviate current effects of overuse from high impact activity and prevent future injuries like runner’s and jumper’s knee. Plus, with a breathable knit fabric, the Sports Knee Support never hinders a runner’s range of motion or comfort. 

By combining a gradual increase of intensity, taking rest days, and wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support, runners can hit the track, trail, or treadmill safely each time. 

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