San Seni Normal Anatomically Shaped Pads


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Anatomically Shaped Pads

San Seni Normal anatomically shaped pads designed for people who praise discretion and comfort. A perfect solution for people using wheelchairs, those who are permanently immobilized, or overweight.

Breathable anatomically shaped pads San Seni Normal are a perfect solution for people who need a product of higher absorbency than urological pads in moderate urine loss. They can be also used in bowel incontinence. San Seni Normal ensure:

  • Feeling of dryness – Extra Dry System distributes moisture in the anatomically shaped absorbent core
  • Odor control – special granules (super absorbent) that bond odor inside the product
  • Additional protection – side gathers prevent from leakages
  • Skin-friendliness – let the skin breathe and are very soft
  • Ideal adjustment to the body and easy product change - fixing with Seni Fix supporting pants

Perfect for people who have difficulty adjusting the right size of the absorbent product (e.g. obese individuals).

On the product, there is a wetness indicator which indicates when the product should be changed.

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NORMAL 32 X 62,5 CM 30

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