Air BreathabilityPREMIUM Quality products, i.e. Super Seni, Seni Active, San Seni, Seni Optima, Seni Lady, and Seni Man groups, are fully breathable. Their outer layer is made of vapor-permeable material, which doesn’t interfere with skin breathing by enabling free air circulation. The special structure of this outer layer makes it possible for the air to pass through, however it stops the liquid. Product breathability decreases the risk of chafes and skin irritation and also minimizes the risk of bedsore development. The breathability in all-in-one diapers can also be obtained by the application of special non-woven side wings. The non-woven material enables free air circulation in the hip part of the product. Modern breathable products are much more skin-friendly than non-breathable products with the outer layer made only of an insulating film.

The AIR sign informs that a given product is “breathable”.

Anatomical Shape

Anatomical Shape

Absorbent products – all-in-one diapers, anatomically shaped pads, bladder control pads – are often in use all day long, even round-the-clock. These products should be comfortable. They need to provide protection and safety for people with incontinence, while being discreet and comfortable at the same time.

In order to ensure comfort, the product needs to fit perfectly to one’s body. Thanks to the anatomical shape of Seni products, they can easily and perfectly adjust to any body. Optimal adjustment means less risk of mechanical skin damage, but above all – comfort and freedom of movement.

No Latex Elements

Latex Free

Latex Free sign means that there are no latex elements in the product. Elastic elements of Seni absorbent products are made of an elastic yarn instead of latex, which minimizes the risk of developing an allergic reaction. Latex is one of the strongest allergens. Thanks to the Latex Free feature even people allergic to latex can safely use Seni products.

Extra Dry System

Extra Dry System

EDS which stands for Extra Dry System is an extraordinary innovation in Seni absorbent products. Thanks to the special, additional distributing non-woven layer in the absorbent core Seni products absorb wetness much faster than before. The EDS layer, which is under the top non-woven layer, allows better and more efficient wetness distribution inside the absorbent core, which increases the sensation of dryness and improves the comfort of using the product.

Dermatologically Tested

Dermatologically Tested

Seni and Seni Care products are very often used by people with sensitive skin prone to irritation. In order to keep their skin safe, we have tested our products dermatologically. An independent testing facility checked the products and the specialists approved them. Dermatologically tested mark on the packaging of Seni absorbent product or Seni Care skin care product now confirms that the product is safe for the skin.

Standing Side Gathers

Standing Side Gathers

Standing side gathers can be found in Seni all-in-one diapers, San Seni breathable anatomically shaped pads, Seni Active disposable underwear and the whole range of Seni Lady bladder control pads. They are made of special hydrophobic non-woven, which “pushes away” the moisture and doesn’t allow it to get outside of the diaper. After putting on a product with standing gathers, the gathers adjust to the body and prevent leakages.

Odor Control

Odor Stop

The Odor Stop mark can be found on every Seni absorbent product. Odor Stop is a special feature of the super absorbent which is found in the absorbent core. It is generally said that the super absorbent “bonds the odor and moisture” inside the diaper.

What does this mean?

Odor Stop Bacteria, which cause urine decomposition, are responsible for the appearance of the unpleasant odor. The super absorbent, apart from powerful absorbing qualities, has anti-bacterial qualities as well. When it absorbs the liquid and binds it into gel, the super absorbent reduces bacteria multiplication. Due to this quality super absorbent decreases the emission of the unpleasant smell.

Wetness Indicator

Wetness Indicator

Wetness indicator is a simple yet very effective solution applied to products for moderate and heavy incontinence, thanks to which you can control if the product is already used or not. It is especially important for caregivers of incontinent people – they can check if they need to change their charge’s diaper without even opening it.

How the indicator looks like
The wetness indicator in Seni products is visible on the outer layer of the product along the absorbent core. In different types of Seni products it can be in two forms:

  • yellow stripe(s)
  • combination of letters and digits.

Some products have both forms applied.

How the indicator works
The indicator changes when the product is exposed to wetness from its inside – the imprint blurs and yellow stripes change their color into greenish-blue. The blur / change of color on 50-80% of the indicator’s length informs that the product needs to be changed for a fresh one. Both forms of the indicator are applied from the inside of the product, so there’s no risk of staining clothes or bed linen.

How indicator works

Additional function of the letter/digit indicator
The indicator in the form of a combination of letters and digits does not only does show when to change the product, but also carries information about the product. You can find the full name and size of the product as well as the production date and hour. This data is important when you want to contact the manufacturer regarding the product.

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