Best Ankle Support for Tennis (And Common Tennis Ankle Injuries)

Over the course of a tennis match, players will sprint, stop suddenly, twist to volley the ball, and jump to swing a ball over the net. This places an incredible amount of stress on the ankles and leaves them prone to common tennis ankle injuries if not properly protected. Fortunately, tennis players can play confidently and safely all season wrong with the right ankle support.


person wearing pair of white low-top sneakers while holding Wilson tennis racket



One wrong step on the court, and tennis players can easily suffer from an ankle sprain. Often followed by pain, swelling, bruising, stiffness in the joint, and/or difficulty walking, ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in tennis.

Luckily, tennis players can keep this painful injury at bay by wearing the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support during practices and matches. The comfortable and anatomically-fitting Sports Ankle Support reduces swelling, improves circulation, provides added stability, and stimulates muscle regeneration in the ankle. The durable taping strap allows users to adjust the support to find their best fit for ultimate comfort, support, and confidence all season long.


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