ValguLoc II Splint

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The ValguLoc II is a stabilizing bunion splint for hallux valgus (bunion) misalignment correction during conservative, functional treatment or following surgery. It's anatomically contoured to the shape of the foot with a three-dimensional adjustable joint to provide the option for secure immobilization during treatment or limited movement during mobility. Because of its slim design, the ValguLoc II can be used with most footwear for all-day treatment.

  • Relieves toe pain and helps to prevent further misalignments
  • Flat Velcro fastenings make it easy to put on and remove
  • Breathable cushion for relief and all-day wearing comfort
  • Three-dimensional joint allows for 6 degrees of toe adjustment
  • Low-profile design for wearing in casual footwear

Product Overview

Living with a toe bunion can be a painful experience, and if left untreated, can lead to long-term effects such as osteoarthritis and additional deformity. For post-operative or conservative, functional treatment, the ValguLoc II is a bunion splint designed to help with misalignment correction while also relieving pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint. Therefore, it helps relieve pain while supporting misalignment correction.

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