Sports Compression Arm Sleeves (2 Sleeves Included)

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Color: Black
Size: L
Length: Long
Sale priceDhs. 219.00



Boost your muscle performance with more power and less vibration. Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves incorporate medical compression technology to increase the transfer of oxygen and promote better circulation. This translates to longer endurance, faster regeneration, slower fatigue, more energy and less damaging muscle vibrations. (2 Sleeves Included)

  • Highly elastic knitted fabric
  • Optimum compression for sport
  • Stimulates the transport of oxygen around the body
  • Speeds up muscle regeneration

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  • Compression improves circulation
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Breathable material for heat control
  • Extra-soft inner elbow area for increased wearing comfort
  • Reduces muscle vibrations

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves Arm Sizing Chart

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