Rebound® Air Walker

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Size: X-Small
Design: Standard
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Rebound Air Walker is designed to provide added protection, superior compression, improved comfort and, ultimately, successful patient outcomes.

Rigid shell Medical Walking Boot to Fully Protect the Foot and Ankle

Immobilization offers the greatest protection to your foot and ankle following injury and surgery, helping you in your recovery without hindering mobility which can be a constraint of casting.

Ossur Rebound Air Walker Features

What is the Rebound Air Walker?

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The Rebound® Air Walker is designed to offer protection from a variety of injuries.

Whether you're recovering from surgery or suffering from a sprained ankle the Rebound Air Walker ensures maximum protection with its rigid shell, whilst still allowing the leg to breathe due to its aerated design to enhance your recuperation. The Rebound Air Walker also comes complete with two socks to offer additional comfort and protection for your leg.

The integrated air pump offers a more custom fit, ensuring there is no unnecessary movement of the joint which could lead to injury.

When Should it be Used?

The Air Walker is designed to manage grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains and stable fractures or post-surgery to protect the patient. A medical walking boot of this nature is an alternative to casting which requires crutches, whereas a boot still allows a patient to remain mobile during their recovery (though some may still need the use of a crutch) with the knowledge that they are fully protected. Unlike some alternatives this boot is enclosed at the front meaning it is more suited for use outside in the British weather.

Other conditions requiring a walker boot include:

  • Post Achilles Tendon Repair
  • Post Injury
  • Rehabilitation
  • Soft Tissue Injuries

Size Chart

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