Bella Mamma Comfort Postpartum Pads 10pcs

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Perfect for women during postpartum period. Bella Mamma pads are larger and more absorbent than regular sanitary pads. It is an extraordinary 3 in 1 product, intended for maternity flow, extra heavy flow, bladder leakage.

The new Bella Mamma comfort postpartum is a product that provides the mother with even more safety and comfort after childbirth. It is soft and very absorbent. In addition, it has a comfortable - anatomical shape, and thanks to a wide self-adhesive siliconized strip (as the first one from the Bella Mamma line) it remains in one place on the underwear all the time. Bella Mamma comfort postpartum pad is CYTOSAFE - it is safe for healing wounds and does not irritate tissues, in accordance with ISO 10993-5.

    Bella Mamma Comfort Postpartum Pads

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