Awatar Walky 210 deluxe 2-button mobility walker

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Introducing the Awatar Walky 210 Deluxe 2-Button Mobility Walker - Enhancing Mobility and Convenience for Everyday Life

The Awatar Walky 210 Deluxe 2-Button Mobility Walker is a versatile and practical mobility aid designed to provide essential support and convenience for adults, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. With its user-friendly features and thoughtful design, this walker offers a reliable solution for those seeking assistance with their mobility needs.

Key Features of the Awatar Walky 210 Deluxe 2-Button Mobility Walker:

  • Maneuverable and Easy to Use: This front-wheel walker is equipped with a simple 1-push button mechanism, making it exceptionally easy to operate. This feature is particularly helpful for users who may have limited manual dexterity.
  • Rubberized Hand Grips: The deluxe two-wheel walker boasts specially designed rubberized hand grips that are ribbed for enhanced comfort and safety. These grips ensure a secure hold and reduce the risk of slipping, providing users with greater confidence while walking.
  • Sturdy and High Quality: Crafted from sturdy anodized, extruded aluminum, this two-wheel walker offers both durability and ease of use. Its quality construction ensures longevity, while its foldable design adds to its user-friendly nature.
  • Suitable for Various Heights: Designed to accommodate both short and tall individuals, this front-wheel walker is height adjustable. This feature allows users to customize the walker to their preferred height, promoting better posture and comfort.
  • Wheels and Glider Caps: Equipped with two 5-inch front wheels and back glider caps, this walker offers improved maneuverability. The front wheels enable smoother movement, while the glider caps contribute to stability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Overall Width: 57 cm / 22.44”
  • Overall Depth: 50 cm / 19.69”
  • Height: 81 cm - 98 cm / 31.9” – 38.6”
  • Weight Capacity: 100 kg

Empower Your Mobility Journey:

The Awatar Walky 210 Deluxe 2-Button Mobility Walker is designed to enhance users' mobility and provide the convenience they need for daily activities. With its easy-to-use mechanism, comfortable hand grips, sturdy construction, and adjustable features, this walker offers improved independence and quality of life for a wide range of individuals.

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