Happy - in good hands from the very first moments!

Happy diapers are with your child during daily activities, during day and night. They give the sense of dryness, ensure comfort and support care-free development. To comprehensively care for your child's health, we have applied the Happy Safe Way system using safe materials only.

Happy diapers are subjected to rigorous, internal safety tests. The high quality and safety of Happy diapers have been confirmed in dermatological tests.

Happy diapers have also received Positive Opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child as well as from the National Institute of Hygiene.

What are the ingredients of Happy diapers?

Diaper ingredients:
polypropylene, polyester, cellulose, superabsorbent, elastomer yarn, adhesives, glue moisture indicator*


Polypropylene is the main component of non-woven fabrics of Happy diapers: hydrophilic and hydrophobic. Outer and wrapping layers of the diaper absorbent insert have hydrophilic properties, that's why it supports quick liquid absorption and contributes to the feeling of dryness. On the other hand, the side frills are built from the hydrophobic non-woven fabric protecting against the liquid leakage from the diaper. The use of polypropylene in Happy diapers is safe, which is confirmed by the common use of this technology for the production of, among others, toys, food packaging or in the pharmaceutical industry.


Polyester in Happy diapers is an ingredient of distribution fabric of special structure, thanks to which the liquid is quickly distributed into the absorbent insert and leaves the child's skin dry. The use of polyester is safe, which is confirmed by the common use of this material for the production of many daily items, such as sports clothing.

Elastomer yarn

The elastomeric yarn is elastic threads that are found in Happy diapers in the crotch and side frills around the child's legs. The high degree of flexibility is the most important feature of the elastomer - it affects a better diaper fit, supports the freedom of the child's movements and prevents leakage within the inguinal region.

Cellulose fibers

The absorbent insert, containing cellulose and superabsorbent, is part of the diaper that ensures liquid absorption and retention.

The cellulose fibers are soft and sensitive to the touch, and at the same time extremely absorbent. Superabsorbent pellets look like salt or sugar, and thanks to their superabsorbent properties, the absorbed liquid takes the form of a gel. The absorbent insert is wrapped with hygienic tissue and a hydrophilic non-woven fabric to provide additional protection.

Colorful prints

Colorful prints of animals on the diaper's outer layer decorate it and make it look like underwear. The colorful front tape with the Happy logo and size information is used for multiple fastening. All pigments used in Happy diapers are safe for the child's skin.

The adhesive moisture indicator*

The adhesive moisture indicator * is placed along the absorbent insert. If a diaper is wet, the indicator changes colour from yellow to blue. It informs it is time to change the diaper.

*for Before Newborn, Newborn, Mini size

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