How do I measure my bra size correctly?

Hello ladies,
It sometimes isn’t easy to stay calm when somebody new comes in to get her bra measurements and is wearing a completely wrong size.
Her boobs are overflowing the cups, creating an unattractive doubled-up breast under her clothes, while the underbust band cuts deep grooves into her flesh, or the underwire is completely deformed from too much pressure.

Just like we (unfortunately) sometimes have to deal with our garment size going up or down a little, our bra sizes can also change. Not a biggie! Realistically, it is nothing but an assortment of letters and numbers. Don’t talk about being “fat” or “thin” – just state the size that will give your breasts the best look.

Anita Figurine Fitting overflowing cup
Anita Figurine Fitting gaping cup
Sometimes it just makes sense to go an get your measurements taken professionally, so that you can have a well-fitting bra that will help you look your best. It is a great strategy for self-confidence and it won’t go unnoticed by the opposite sex either.

Yes, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to find your (new) bra size, but I’ll try my best to explain how it’s done:

The best way to get started is wearing a well-fitting bra. It shouldn’t cut in anywhere and the breast should sit inside the cup without overflowing.

Now you can go ahead and take a measurement directly under the breast for your first important point of reference. Let’s say you get 82 cm here, then you can round it down to 80 as your underbust measurement. (In Germany, underbust measurements are stated in 5-point increments. If your measurement is 83 cm, then you need to round up to size 85.)

Now you should measure horizontally around the largest point of your breast. That will be your bust size. You can now look at any size table (you will find one in every catalogue), which cup size matches your measures values.
Anita Bra Size Chart
But don’t forget: that is just meant as a guideline. You will really only find the perfect size for you with a little patience and by trying on various bras.

The right size is always a combination of measurements and what feels good!

And please: be honest with yourself. You might be a little annoyed that you have to try on a bigger bra size – but the truth is that the correct size will simply look better and you will feel so much more comfortable if there is nothing squeezing you in or overflowing!

That’s it from me today on that topic.

Try doing your own measurements at home. Or you could ask a friend and then take each other’s measurements to make it easier.
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