Seni Lady NORMAL Shaped Pads

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Introducing Seni Lady Normal Shaped Pads – Unmatched Comfort and Protection for Active Women

Discover Seni Lady Normal Shaped Pads, meticulously designed for active women who value both comfort and security, along with discreet protection. These breathable, anatomically shaped bladder control pads are the ultimate solution for light urinary incontinence.

Features & Benefits:

  • Odor Control: Seni Lady Normal Shaped Pads are equipped with special granules (super absorbent) that effectively bond and contain odors within the pad, ensuring continuous freshness and confidence.
  • Additional Protection: With strategically placed side gathers, these pads provide an extra layer of protection against leakages, enabling you to remain confident throughout the day.
  • High Absorbency: Offering significantly higher absorbency compared to traditional sanitary pads and pantyliners, Seni Lady Normal pads are designed to manage more liquid, ensuring your utmost comfort.
  • Feeling of Dryness: The Extra Dry System integrated into Seni Lady Normal pads efficiently distributes moisture within the pad, maintaining a sensation of dryness for extended periods.
  • Skin-Friendliness: Prioritize your skin's well-being with pads that allow your skin to breathe and are incredibly soft, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Softness and Discretion: Seni Lady Normal pads are expertly designed to be soft and discreet, ensuring they remain silent and delicate against your skin.
  • Easy Fixing: With an adhesive strip, Seni Lady Normal Shaped Pads can be easily secured to your underwear, providing a secure and worry-free fit.
  • Enhanced Incontinence Protection: Seni Lady Normal pads offer superior protection for urinary incontinence when compared to traditional period pads, delivering the confidence you deserve.


Q: Can Seni Lady Normal Shaped Pads handle light urinary incontinence effectively?
A: Absolutely, Seni Lady Normal pads are meticulously designed for light urinary incontinence, providing unbeatable protection, comfort, and discretion.

Q: How does the odor control of Seni Lady Normal Shaped Pads work?
A: Seni Lady Normal pads incorporate special granules that bond and contain odors within the pad, ensuring you feel fresh and confident all day.

Q: Are Seni Lady Normal pads suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Yes, these pads prioritize skin health, allowing your skin to breathe while providing softness and comfort.

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NORMAL 10,5 X 28 CM 20

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