Seni Care Wash Cream 3 in 1 1000ml

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Skin Care

The 3in1 Seni Care wash cream allows to cleanse and refresh the skin without rinsing, when washing with water is difficult (e.g. in bedridden people, those with incontinence or dementia, who refuse to wash with water). It doesn't affect the natural hydrolipidic barrier protecting the skin against harmful external factors. Ideal for skin prone to irritation, sensitive to water and soap. Contains UREA 3% which makes the skin soft and moisturized. With odour neutraliser - a natural substance that absorbs the smell of urine.

Active ingredients: UREA 3%, odor neutralizer, linseed bio complex, glycerine, lactic acid.


  • refreshed and soft skin
  • unharmed hydrolipidic mantle
  • reduced skin tension
  • neutralized odor

Tips: Use the Seni Care laminated hygienic wash gloves to distribute the 3 in 1 wash cream. Seni Care 3 in 1 wash cream does not require rinsing. After cleansing hips and intimate areas, apply Seni Care protective cream with arginine or zinc oxide.



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