Seni Care Moisturising Hair Shampoo 500 ml


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Skin Care

Seni Care Moisturizing shampoo with urea effectively nourishes the scalp and conditions the hair to give it a healthy look.

A bedridden person whose head rests on a pillow most of the time, is exposed to greater sweating or irritation. Seni Care Shampoo for all hair types, gently foams and rinses off easily, which is especially important for lying people. The gentle formula based on soft washing agents makes the shampoo well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. Contains 3% of urea which supports the natural process of epidermis exfoliation and moisturizes the scalp, leaving the skin smooth and nourished. The vitamin complex improves the hair condition and restores a healthy look.

Active ingredients: urea 3%, vitamin complex (B3, B5, B6, C, E), linseed bio-complex, panthenol, Boswellia serrata extract, lactic acid

  • visibly improved condition of hair and scalp
  • reduced itching
  • soft and healthy-looking hair

Tip: In the first days of using Seni Care shampoo, increased exfoliation of epidermis may appear. It is a natural transition process that will disappear after regulation of sebaceous glands.


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