Seni Care Moisturising Body Emulsion for Dry Skin

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Skin Care

Seni Care Moisturizing Body Emulsion for dry skin effectively softens dry epidermis, smooths the skin and improves its elasticity.

If the skin is extremely dry, it is worth to use products with UREA, which intensively moisturizes, effectively softens dry epidermis, regenerates, smoothes and firms. Seni Care intensively moisturizing emulsion has a light consistency, easily spreads and absorbs, and when used regularly, it improves the condition of the skin protecting it from harmful external factors. Contains regenerating arginine and trehalose which helps to keep the moisture inside the epidermis.

Active ingredients: urea 4%, allantoin, arginine, linseed biocomplex, lactic acid, trehalose


  • the perceptible moisturizing effect even after the first use
  • with regular use, visible improvement of skin's elasticity
  • soft to the touch and smooth skin
  • reduced feeling of tight skin

Tip: When the skin needs stronger moisturizing, after applying it once, wait a moment and apply another layer of emulsion. Apply successive layers until the skin stops absorbing.


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