Seni Care Body Care CREAM for Dry & Calloused Skin 100 ml

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Skin Care

Seni Care cream with urea (10%) effectively nourishes, oils and moisturizes calloused skin of knees, feet and elbows.

In the body areas where the skin is extremely dry and prone to keratosis, strong moisturizing and lubrication is needed. It is then recommended to use preparations with a higher concentration of urea, which regulates the process of the epidermis flaking and cornification. Seni Care cream with urea (10%) perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and lubricates keratinized skin, e.g. knees, feet, elbows. The cream is rich and has a slightly oily consistency. Spreads and absorbs easily.

Active ingredients: urea 10%, linseed biocomplex, panthenol, glycerin, lactic acid, lanolin, Vit E

  • perceptible softening of the skin
  • with regular use, optimises the flaking process of the epidermis
  • visible improvement of elasticity and skin-smoothing

Tip: To strengthen the cream effect, e.g. on heels, apply a thicker layer of cream once a week. Put on cotton socks and leave such a compress for the night.

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