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High-End Sports Tennis Wheelchair

The Grandslam is a tennis wheelchair designed and custom-built for you!

A sports wheelchair customized to fit you perfectly, guaranteed to deliver the performance your training has paved the way for.

Everything is engineered and designed for you. Everything else is instinct.
Positioning supports like the optional shin guard support or the Clip style pelvic belts allow the fast reaction to balls coming your way.

All Support you need!

This tennis wheelchair offers optional Multi-adjustable knee support systems and shin guards to allow you to react fast to any solid return!

    Integrated Features

    Camber bar, offensive wing, and anti-tip integrated into the active wheelchair frame - No extra parts, no loss of efficiency.  Your game will demonstrate the difference!


    Welded side-guards ensure great lateral support 


    Integrated anti-tip for maximum strength


    • Seat Width: 250-500mm
    • Seat Depth: 250-500mm
    • Front seat height: 360-630mm
    • Rear seat height: 360-630mm
    • Backrest Height: 150-450 mm
    • Backrest Angle: Backrest Angle: -10 to +20
    • Camber: 16, 18, 20, 22 deg
    • Colours: 25 colors


    • Maximum User Weight: 125kgs
    • Total Weight: 9.5-12.5 kg


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