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The next-generation basketball wheelchair

The future is here. A quantum leap in design, the RGK Elite X basketball wheelchair is the perfect combination of new technology and materials. At its core, this transcendent chair has a unique, pioneering carbon fiber axle, making it significantly stiffer and lighter. The TRI-FRAME chassis design makes a world of difference to the distribution of energy during play. With the perfection of performance and responsiveness that the Elite X has, you certainly won’t be able to blame the wheelchair anymore.

Carbon fiber sideguards

Up to 100g total weight saving was achieved on the RGK Elite X thanks to switching from aluminium to carbon fiber. This basketball wheelchair comes with a specialized CNC sidearm, made to measure each and every time, allowing for any shape to be created and giving a beautiful edge that is near on impossible to get when working with carbon fiber.


    • Range of ergonomic backrest options to support your requirements for maximum comfort and balance
    • Ergonomic seat for pelvic positioning and optimum balance
    • Taper seat, V-front or asymmetrical frame design for super responsiveness

    Frame Options

    • Fixed or adjustable footrest position
    • Single or double anti-tip
    • Fixed or removable anti-tip
    • Range of front wing designs

    Carbon fiber axle

    • Huge weight saving switching material from aluminium to carbon fiber
    • Enhance the stiffness and rigidity of your chair with carbon fiber (8 times stronger than aluminium)
    • Axle is clamped to the frame, not welded in position. This provides post-build fine-tuning of the toe in/toe out – get your chair rolling absolutely perfectly


    The TRI-FRAME is a brand-new design that better distributes the energy created during play across more sections of the chair, the benefit of which is peace of mind that your chair can withstand anything. Instead of relying solely on the axle, the force is now split across the downtube, the strongest part of the frame.

    • Aerospace-grade aluminium 7020 frames, A10 heat treatment as standard
    • Triangular frame chassis design (TRI-FRAME) that takes the main stress off of the axle with the strongest shape possible
    • Heavy-duty frame design available
    • Reinforced "impact areas" to prevent game and travel damage, such as backrest and anti-tip
    • Heavy-duty frame design available


      • Seat Width: Max. 500 mm
      • Seat Depth: Max. 500 mm
      • Seat Height: 360-630 mm
      • Rear seat height: 360-630 mm


      • Maximum User Weight: 125 kg


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