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Push your game to its limits.

Designed with the help of elite wheelchair basketball athletes, the Quickie All Court features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance frame built for maneuverability and power. From pick-up games to gold medals, the All Court will take your game to the next level.

Center-of-Mass Adjustment System

Our patented center-of-mass adjustment system provides 3.5" of center-of-gravity adjustment and up to 5" of vertical seat squeeze adjustment without having to make changes in fork size, caster size, castor-stem size, or fork-hole location. This allows you to optimize your chair's set-up for maneuverability and efficiency without adding complexity or extra parts.

    Basketball Frame Components

    The All Court's single-wing bumper is light, lean, and built to take on an aggressive game. The integrated fifth-wheel anti-tip, available as a single or double, allows you to shift your weight over the rear wheels, giving you an edge in maneuverability. The anti-tip brace locks out the rearward flex in the frame, giving you more power when you lean back to shoot over your competition.

    Titanium Frame Option

    For the lightest possible weight, choose the All Court Ti. Its titanium seat frame shaves 2.5 lbs. off the chair's overall weight! Perfect for tough, competitive games, titanium is also scratch and corrosion-resistant.


      • Seat Width: 30,5 - 51 cm
      • Seat Depth: 25,5 - 51 cm
      • Front seat height: 41 - 53 cm
      • Rear seat height: 33 - 53 cm
      • Camber: 16º or 20º
      • Rear Wheel Size: Spoke wheels and Spinergy sports wheels 24" - 26"


      • Frame Type: Aluminum
      • Axle Options: Stainless steel, optional titanium or quad - release axles
      • Maximum User Weight: 113 kg
      • Total Weight: from 10,88 kg


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