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Light on weight. Heavy on strength

Available as a fixed front or swing-away, the QUICKIE Life can cater to a number of needs and requirements that you desire in a foldable wheelchair. The QUICKIE Life utilizes a long-established design that's proven to provide a very robust wheelchair that's energy-efficient and supports a maximum user weight of up to 140 kg.

Active lifestyle

Live life to the full. Go out and explore the world. Whatever your plans, your LIFE is ready - a great first-time active user chair

Lightweight & durable

The QUICKIE Life combines a lightweight and durable structure with a modern look active wheelchair.

Explore your world. Achieve your goals. QUICKIE Life awaits you...there are no limits!

Easy adjustability

The aluminium wheelchair with the best relationship between options and price. QUICKIE Life fulfills all the requirements you expect from a foldable wheelchair.

Innovative folding mechanism

The QUICKIE Life wheelchair has an innovative easy folding mechanism that automatically fixes the position of the chair when it is folded to facilitate its use and opening.

Choose the option with the front-folding backrest to get the most compact fold!

3 arms cross brace

The 3 arms cross brace gives the QUICKIE Life folding wheelchair great robustness, with reduced weight and a clean and minimalist finish.

Style & personalisation 

Enjoy a modern & robust design - there's a QUICKIE Life to suit your lifestyle! You can personalize your folding wheelchair for your needs. The number of options is limitless: carbon protector, multiple options of backs, footrests and rear tires, Surge handrims…


    • Seat Width: 360mm - 540mm (in 20mm increments) - (36cm - 54cm in 2cm increments)
    • Seat Depth: 360mm - 500mm (in 20mm increments) - (36cm - 50cm in 2cm increments)
    • Front seat height: 400mm - 540mm (40cm - 54cm)
    • Rear seat height: 400mm - 510mm (40cm - 51cm)
    • Seat Angle: 0° - 12°
    • Backrest Height: 250mm - 500mm (in 25mm increments) - (25cm - 50cm in 2.5cm increments)
    • Backrest Angle: 78° - 102°
    • Camber: 0° / 1° / 2° / 3° / 4°
    • Colors: 32


    • Maximum User Weight: 140 kg
    • Total Weight: from 11 kg

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