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Ergonomic Seating System

An evolution in comfort

Juditta is a tilting and reclining comfort wheelchair designed and built by Ormesa for adults and the elderly with reduced mobility. Juditta’s backrest supports correct posture, offering stability, and preventing contractures and the onset of deformities. The seat’s viscoelastic cords adapt to each individual user’s anatomy, preventing rubbing and pressure sores.

Juditta’s special shape guarantees:

  • Breathability
  • Hygiene
  • Comfort

The smart, tilting, and reclining wheelchair

Distributed pressure relief - The user’s weight is evenly distributed across the seat area and backrest, relieving pressure on the lower back and hips. The special shape and material of the seat prevent the build-up of pressure along the whole length of the spine.

The reclining backrest and tilting seat area adjust to provide the best support in any given situation, allowing pressure to be reduced at various points and thus minimizing the risk of sores.

Innovation and certified quality

Research conducted on Juditta confirms its optimal uniform body weight distribution across the seat area and backrest. The reclining backrest and tilting seat area provide optimal support for each individual user, preventing the development of sores by distributing pressure evenly and allowing different user positions.

Your customizable Juditta

Juditta’s set of available accessories offers limitless possibilities of customization and comfort. Easy to install, remove, handle, and look after, Juditta’s robust accessories are designed in minute detail to guarantee satisfactory usage.

The tray, patented by Ormesa, it’s made of impact-resistant material; plus, its peculiar rounded design makes it extremely hygienic because it helps to avoid the accumulation of residual food on its surface.

Its set of 4 tie-down hooks for the forward-facing transport in a motor vehicle passed Crash Test and makes it suitable to be transported in a vehicle according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI RESNA WC/19 standards.

Juditta is a patented product.

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