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JAY's lightest ever wheelchair cushion.

The perfect complement to a lightweight wheelchair, the JAY LITE is the lightest wheelchair cushion in its class. Performing great in terms of skin protection, stability, and comfort, but weighing just 660 grams, the JAY LITE is the ideal cushion for the active user.

Ultra-lightweight and superiorly breathable

An active life creates heat. That‘s why the JAY LITE wheelchair cushion uses very breathable materials to facilitate air-flow under the user whilst in their wheelchair. For example, the 3DXTM microclimatic cover and Olotex "airflow" base with air vents provide superior heat and moisture dissipation through the cushion‘s material.

So you stay cool and look cool at all times!

Positioned for action

The JAY LITE wheelchair cushion provides great skin protection, stability, and comfort. To minimize the risk of pressure sores, the anthropometrically designed Optiwell pelvic loading area (PLA) effectively reduces loading on the ischial tuberosities without overloading the trochanters. Its lightweight reticulated foam insert helps to distribute the load with a minimum of weight. Plus, the pre-contoured foam base provides the support you need to keep active! 

One wheelchair cushion with the choice of two different base contours

The JAY LITE cushions offer 2 different contoured base versions. The standard base is ideal for most users who require comfort and pressure redistribution. Its low-profile contour also allows for easier transfers in and out of the wheelchair.

Alternatively, for those who require a higher level of postural stability, the JAY LITE P version provides lateral and medial thigh support which increases the overall stability of the user.

A functional, well thought out design

JAY LITE's design reflects the needs and lifestyle of an active wheelchair user. The beveled front edge prevents rubbing against the back of the legs, eliminating the need for using a shorter length. The corner cut at the lower sides of the cushion also reduces the load on the trochanter (and also reduces the seat-to-floor height). The adapted carrying handle offers an easy grip and the notches for back canes lock the cushion into place. 

Select your wheelchair cushion insert

The JAY LITE wheelchair cushion offers two different well inserts. The reticulated foam insert uses an air-flow cover and is superiorly breathable.  The whole insert is also machine washable. The optional PU foam insert comes with an incontinent cover that's water-resistant and easy to wipe off and clean.


      • Width: 35 cm - 50 cm
      • Height: 8 cm
      • Depth: 35 cm - 50 cm


      • Total Weight: 1090 g
      • Maximum User Weight: 150 kg 

      Product Options

      • Cover Type: Microclimatic


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