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The perfect Balance between skin protection and stability

Combining the high skin protection qualities of the JAY J2 wheelchair cushion with the stability and positioning capability of the J3, the JAY Balance wheelchair cushion adds exceptional comfort to ensure that there are no compromises. 

Optimal well design

The new size and shape of the JAY Balance’s well or Pelvic Loading Area (PLA) are based on anthropometric measurements of average pelvic bone width to ensure maximum stability. New rear and steeper front well walls have been designed to prevent fluid migration and keep the fluid where it is needed. Available with JAY Flow Fluid™ airs insert.

Field-adjustable positioning components

With the optional positioning components, the pelvis and thighs can be properly positioned for many clinical applications. The JAY Balance wheelchair cushion encourages orthopedic alignment, increases sitting tolerance, and accommodate changing user needs.

Innovative, dual cover system

The inner cover is made of two-way stretch dartex fabric, is water-resistant, and easy to clean. The Aquaguard zipper and anti-wicking thread ensure that the base stays clean and dry. There are three cover options; microclimatic, stretch, and incontinence. Each cover allows positioning inserts to be added without increasing surface tension. All outer covers are machine washable at 60°C and quick to dry.


  • Width: 340mm - 600mm (34cm - 60cm)
  • Height: 85mm (8.5cm)
  • Depth: 340mm - 600mm (34cm - 60cm)


  • Total Weight: 2,4 kg (40 x 46 with fluid insert); 1,9 kg (40 x 46 with air insert)
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg (34 - 50cm widths) / 225kg (56 - 60cm widths) (23.6 stone / 35.5 stone)

Product Options

  • Cover Type: Incontinent, Microclimatic and Stretch
  • Cushion Type: Fluid, Single Air, and Dual Air bladders

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