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One single gait trainer, endless opportunities

Grillo by Ormesa is a support walker for adults and children designed to facilitate the movement of those with reduced mobility and to promote as much independence as possible.

Available in both front and rear direction versions, it sets extremely high standards with regards to customization, ease of use, and versatility, thanks to a wide range of adjustments and available supports.

Equipped with ergonomic and independent pelvic and thoracic support, during each and every step, Grillo guarantees:

  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Restraint and support

The freedom of being limitless: the Story of Raoul

Raoul is a ten-year-old Swiss boy who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy twelve months after birth. This pathology, characterized in his case by an alteration of movement and control, has compromised his ability to walk and move around independently.

We went to Rheinfelden, where Raoul lives with his parents, to see how Grillo has given him the opportunity to express his dynamism to the fullest, allowing him to move freely and safely not only at home but also around the school and other social contexts.

Grillo Grows With You

Thanks to a very light aluminium frame, Grillo by Ormesa is perfect to be pushed and maneuvered, even for those who are significantly compromised involuntary motor skills, as well as balance; furthermore, since it is foldable, it is the ideal solution for those who have little space at home or need to travel.

The frame can be adapted, both in static and dynamic phases, with the user in situ: the system of height adjustment with a constant center of gravity means that Grillo can accompany the growth of the child for a long time.

Designed for the independence of children and adults

Being able to move independently in your own environment is of fundamental importance for the development of social and interpersonal skills; in fact, active participation in the community represents a substantial incentive so as not to consider limitations as insurmountable obstacles.

Available in four sizes, Grillo allows adults and children to live independently, contributing to the development and strengthening of self and body consciousness.

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