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Active wheelchair - folding frame

Reduce to the max.

With the Easy max, we have succeeded in designing an adjustable, folding wheelchair which, in terms of handling, is a match for any fixed frame wheelchair. The cross frame ensures excellent handling and means that the folded dimensions are kept small. Minimum weight with maximum functionality were key aspects in the development of the Easy max. Also available as a swing-away model.

Internal cross-brace

The internal cross-brace gives maximum stability and the best drive characteristics - whether the chair is used with swing-away, removable footrests, or with two-part foot boards.

Swingaway and removable footrests

The footrests are swingaway and removable. In this way, the Easymax Swingaway now offers even more comfort. This additional functionality opens the door to greater independence.

Aluminium sideguards

The sideguard line has been extended with aluminium sideguard which has a height-adjustable armrest and now offers more functionality, greater independence and also gives the Easymax Swing a very distinctive look.


  • Width: SW + 18 cm
  • Seat width : 34 - 46 cm (in 2 cm increments)
  • Seat depth : 36 - 50 cm (in 2 cm increments)
  • Front seat height: 46 - 53 cm
  • Rear seat height: 43 - 50 cm
  • Seat Angle: 0° - 12°
  • Backrest height : 27,5 - 47,5 cm (in 2,5 cm increments)
  • Backrest Angle: - 9° - + 9° (optional)
  • Frame Inset: 1 cm each side
  • Camber: 0° / 1° / 2° / 3° / 4°
  • Colors: 27 colors


  • Frame Type: 105°
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg
  • Total Weight: from 9,8 kg


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