Bella Baby Happy Diapers MINI No.2 3-6kg 78's

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MINI (Pack of 78)

MINI (Pack of 78): 3-6 kg Early care system - Newborns and young children require special care; that is why the Early Care System embodies extremely important properties for them - softness, tenderness, and avoidance of rashes and irritation of sensitive skin. The combination of properties crucial for the health of sensitive skin of newborns and young children Extra soft cover - Extremely soft outer layer of the diaper is a guarantee of unsurpassed comfort and softness. 360 ° comfort system
- The child grows, starts to turn and crawl, and finally gets up and walks on his own. It uses all its energy to independently get to know the world around it. At this stage, the diaper not only needs to ensure its dryness (which is its fundamental role) but at the same time ensure maximum freedom of movement - which is why we designed the 360 ​​° comfort system.
Airflow technology - Breathable diapers ensure the inflow of fresh air, preventing friction, and thus minimizing the risk of irritation of the baby's skin.
Premium dry - Specially textured non-woven material accelerates absorption and enhances the feeling of dryness.
Flexi fit - A wide waist belt and elastic velcro strap form a flexible system that ensures exceptional freedom of movement.
Anatomic core- Anatomical absorbent core for ideal diaper grip in the groin.
Quick-dry - A special non-woven material urbazava liquid distribution for an exceptional feeling of dryness.

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