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Emotions in motion

Birillo by Ormesa is a support walker for children with special needs designed to allow autonomous movement in a sitting position. Its peculiar shape and bright colors make it a fun and stimulating aid and a valuable tool for rehabilitation activities.

It offers effective support in the development of:

  • perceptive and visual-motor functions
  • exploratory curiosity
  • capacity to represent space

The pleasure of discovery

Birillo is an extremely helpful aid for the exploration of the surrounding environment, which instantly shifts from being a visual and static space to a territory of discovery. Through Birillo, the child can enrich his wealth of experiences and increase his cognitive and relational repertoire, increasing body and space awareness.

Child-proof design

With this special gait trainer, safety and fun go hand in hand. The shape of the seat is triangular to prevent excessive hips and trunk extension, while the wedge retractor holds the pelvis. Thanks to these features, it stimulates the correct posture of the child without inhibiting the rotation of the trunk, favoring the management of movement through the arms. To further guarantee safety, Ormesa added self-extinguishing upholstery and a steel frame painted with non-toxic powders


  • Frame height-adjustable, made of steel painted with non-toxic epoxy paint.
  • Fire-retardant upholstery.
  • Seat triangular to hold the pelvis (seat/back at a 90° angle). It is padded and
  • wrap-around, upholstered with strong, washable plastic.
  • Bumpers elastic wall-protector bumpers and protective balls on the upper
  • ends of the rods.
  • Wheels 80 mm fully-swiveling, rolling on ball-bearings, 2 with brakes.
  • Handle bar adjustable in both height and depth.
  • Abduction block adjustable to contain the pelvis.

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