Bella Baby Happy Pants JUNIOR 11-18kg 22's

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Diapers / Pants for active babies (Pack of 22) 11 - 18 kg

With a quick replacement Bella Baby Happy Happy diaper / panties carefree fun can continue…

  • 0% perfume - Bella Baby Happy diapers / panties are odorless
  • 0% chlorine - Bella Baby Happy diapers / panties do not contain chlorine
  • 0% latex - Bella Baby Happy diapers / briefs do not contain latex elements
  • dermatologically tested - Bella Baby Happy diapers / panties are dermatologically tested. Highly absorbent core quickly absorbs fluid and leaves skin dry
  • Airflow technology takes care of children's skin and protects against irritation
  • Flexible straps around the waist allow a perfect fit in any position
  • Extremely soft and flexible cuffs around the legs help diaper flexibility even in very active babies
  • Side seams allow easy removal
  • Adhesive tape on the back for easy disposal of used diapers
  • The colorful print makes Bella Baby Happy diapers look like underwear

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