Bella Baby Happy Diapers NEWBORN No.1 2-5Kg 78's


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Because you are so delicate

Newborns and infants need particular protection. That is why the Early Care System consists of features which are most relevant to them: softness and gentleness of the materials used in the diapers which help prevent irritation of baby's delicate skin. Special inner pressed non-woven fabric provides rapid absorption, and its delicate, pleasant to the touch structure covers the skin of the young ones. Breathable outer layer prevents irritation, whereas wetness indicator allows parents to select the exact moment to change the diaper.

Happy Safe Way

  • 0% perfume - no fragrances are applied to Happy diapers
  • 0% chlorine - Happy diapers do not contain raw materials bleached with harmful elemental chlorine
  • 0% latex - Happy diapers do not contain latex elements that may cause irritation in people sensitive to this raw material.

Safety guaranteed

High quality and safety of Happy diapers has been confirmed in dermatological tests . These products also received positive Opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child and the National Institute of Hygiene.

Diaper ingredients: polypropylene, polyester, cellulose, super-absorbent, elastomer yarn, adhesives, glue moisture indicator

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