Bella Baby Happy Diapers Junior Extra No.6 16kg+ 54's

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Introducing Bella Baby Happy Diapers Junior Extra - Unleash Curiosity with Comfort

As your infant grows and explores the world, Bella Baby Happy Diapers Junior Extra are here to provide the perfect balance of dryness and freedom of movement. Our 360 Comfort System is designed to accommodate your child's energetic curiosity while ensuring maximum comfort and absorption.

Features of the 360 Comfort System:

  • Optimal Freedom of Movement: Watch your child rotate, crawl, and take those first steps with ease. The flexible elements in the diaper, combined with the anatomical absorbent insert, allow for unrestricted movement.
  • Quick Absorption: Our special distributing non-woven fabric ensures rapid absorption along the entire length of the diaper, keeping moisture away from your baby's skin.
  • Happy Safe Way:
  • 0% Perfume: Bella Baby Happy Diapers Junior Extra are free from added fragrances, ensuring they are gentle on your child's sensitive skin.
  • 0% Chlorine: Our diapers are crafted without raw materials bleached with harmful elemental chlorine, prioritizing the safety of your little one.
  • 0% Latex: Bella Baby Happy Diapers Junior Extra are latex-free, reducing the risk of irritation for those with sensitivities.

Safety Guaranteed:

Rest assured, the high quality and safety of Bella Baby Happy Diapers Junior Extra have been confirmed through dermatological tests. These products have also received positive opinions from respected institutions, including the Institute of Mother and Child and the National Institute of Hygiene.

Diaper Ingredients:

Our diapers are composed of a blend of polypropylene, polyester, cellulose, super-absorbent materials, elastomer yarn, adhesives, and moisture indicator glue.

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