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A new concept in standing

The APP Multisensorial Standing is a vertical stander for children with special needs designed by Ormesa to make therapy more enjoyable and engaging, thanks to an extraordinary multi-sensory experience. How? Through the propagation of vibrations, induced by an audio source via the frame and the restraint components.

The use of this aid facilitates the dynamic and interactive participation of the child during rehabilitation aimed at:

  • Reinforcing the standing position
  • Improving interaction with the environment
  • Stimulating cognitive ocular-manual abilities

A look beyond the obstacle: the story of Simone

Simone is a nine-year-old boy who has been affected with infantile cerebral palsy since birth. We went to Formello, where he attends Elementary School, to discover how the APP Multisensorial Standing helped him improve his learning and socializing experiences.

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