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The Anita Compression bra is an essential for after breast surgery.

Aiding healing and assisting recovery, this bra is designed to be used just after surgery to provide a comfortable and contemporary solution for the recovery period.

  • Comfortable and contemporary fit and feel
  • Non-wired for additional comfort
  • Breasts are supported with an under band
  • Front-fastening design for easy opening/closing
  • Lighter than other compression bras
  • Strong and supportive
  • Offers assistance in speeding up recovery
  • UK sizes

Measuring for your bra size depends on the measurement system you are familiar with.
If you live in the United Kingdom or the United States you will be more familiar with an imperial measuring system
(e.g. bra sizes like 36D). If you live in Europe or Japan you will be used to metric measuring (e.g. bra sizes like 80D).
However different countries use different sizing methods, for example France, Italy or Australia.
Please also be aware that not every brand fits the same and fit may vary with the bra model you choose. 


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