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The revival of titanium is ahead of us - and it is extremely easy.

4kg. It's a newborn baby. 7-week old labrador. Your Octane Sub4. The classic design of the Octane has been redefined, combining it with tried-and-tested Sub4 technology and a hand-crafted frame made of Class 9 titanium. Titanium has this beautiful natural quality that absorbs shocks and absorbs road vibrations, providing a super smooth and comfortable ride. Transfer, start, lift, rotate ... All this effortlessly with your Octane Sub4


Technical Characteristics

  • Made to measure
  • Rigid and light
  • Optimized biomechanics for maximum power and efficiency
  • Optimized single pipe design
  • Guaranteed less than 4 kg (without drive wheels and cushions)
  • Total weight 6.2 kg
  • Class 9 titanium
  • Fixed center of gravity (center of gravity)
  • Fixed backrest
  • Small profile connecting pipes
  • Polished or sanded frame finish
  • Lightweight side mounting system
  • Lightweight brake mounting system
  • Maximum user weight 110kg


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