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Active wheelchair - fixed frame

Ligthweight, with a rigid and durable frame and a modern look of an active wheelchair

Quickie Life R is the aluminium wheelchair with the best relationship between options and price. Rigid, durable and robust; designed to meet all the demands of modern life with its multiple settings and configuration options, and available with fixed or detachable footrests. Quickie Life, now at your reach.

Rigid and durable frame for a more efficient propulsion

Quickie Life R has successfully passed the most demanding tests to guarantee the maximum strength in your day to day. The rigid frame gives an efficient use of propulsion energy. Has a rigid bar on the backrest and another below the seat to facilitate transfers and increase its rigidness. 

Modular design with fixed or detachable footrests

The Quickie Life R allows a selection between different types of frame. The version with fixed footrests is available with a 105º and 95º frame, while the version with detachable footrests can have footrests at 70º, 80º or 90º. Furthermore, thanks to the modular design of the frontal part it is possible to regulate the seat depth or once the seat is configured, to modify the frame type: the angle selected including converting the fixed footrests into detachable footrests and vice-versa..


In its standard configuration, the Quickie Life wheelchair has a large number of settings to adapt to your needs : adjustments in the front and rear seat height, 4 positions of camber (from 0 to 4°), 4 centres of gravity for a more active or stable ride (between 8.3cm and 2.3cm), fork angle adjustable …

Multiple personalization possibilities

But… why stop there? Choose between an wide range of options to make your Quickie Life unique, and mark your own style by combining one of the 32 available frame colours with different anodized colours for the axle plate, the fork, or the reel and rim. The number of options is limitless: carbon protector, multiple options of footrests and rear tyres, Surge handrims… Welcome to the modern age with Quickie LIFE!


  • Width: SW + 20cm (8“)
  • Seat Width: 340mm - 480mm (13-19") - (34cm - 48cm)
  • Seat Depth: 360mm – 500mm (14 - 20“) - (36cm - 50cm)
  • Front seat height: 390mm – 500mm (15 - 20“) - (39cm - 50cm)
  • Rear seat height: 360mm – 470mm (14 - 18“) - (36cm - 47cm)
  • Backrest Height: 250mm – 450mm (10 - 18“) - (25cm - 45cm)
  • Backrest Angle: -12° - +8°
  • Frame Inset: 2 cm optional
  • Colours: 32 colors


  • Maximum User Weight: 125kg
  • Total Weight: from 11 kg


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