Zippie RS

Zippie RS

Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The wheelchair for gravity-assisted positioning

The Zippie RS Rotation-in-Space wheelchair is designed for a variety of positioning needs focused on facilitating feeding and respiratory function, reducing pressure beneath the pelvis and improving visual orientation. The Zippie RS allows easy positioning and re-positioning to reduce the time in a single position. This is necessary for a child who cannot do a functional independant weight shift consistently.

Please Note: Seating system is sold separately

Max. User Weight

125 kg

Seat Width

30 – 40 cm

Seat Depth

37.5 – 45 cm

Back Angle

0° to +30° or -5° to +25°

Manual Seat Tilt

-5° to +40°

Product Weight

from 18 kg


27 colours

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Patented Rotation-In-Space Wheelchair Technology

The wheelchair’s seat frame rotates around your child’s centre of gravity, allowing for stability over the shortest possible wheelbase for a smooth, controlled tilting in a range of 45°.

Designed for Adjustability

The wide range of adjustment possibilities makes it easy to adapt the Zippie RS to your child’s individual needs. The seat depth is adjustable from 37.5 cm to 45 cm – so the Zippie RS can grow with your child or react to progressive diseases.

Easy adaption of different seating systems

The crash tested trapezoid adapter allows you to connect the wheelchair’s seat frame with a custom-made seat-shell. the double locking mechanism gives additional strength and security in the car or daily life.

Accessory Box

Located underneath the wheelchair’s base frame, the accessory box gives the opportunity to store respiratory and aspirator devices or other useful items. Plus, when the wheelchair is tilted, your devices won’t be affected.