The lightweight wheelchair auxiliary drive

The simple operation and high maneuverability make the SOLO an excellent companion - every day.

Stowed easily and quickly

The SOLO also shows its advantages when transported in a vehicle. The drive wheels are tool-free and easily disengaged with a handle.

The low weight of the SOLO allows effortless loading without much effort.
Thanks to the new wheel bearing system of the SOLO – without thru axles – the drive wheels can also be easily stacked on top of each other or side by side.

Due to the space-saving accommodation, the SOLO fits into almost any trunk.


Permissible total weight (1)

210 kg 250 kg

Maximum person weight

160 kg 200 kg

Seat Depth

40 – 56 cm

Possible wheel sizes

22 and 24 " 24 "

Speed ​​forward | backward

adjustable 6 km / h, 3 km / h

Range with one battery charge (2)

up to 35 km up to 25 km up to 15 km

Braking / climbing ability (3)

until 20%

Battery technology

Lithium-ion, Lead-Gel, Lithium-ion


28.8 V / 16 Ah 24 V / 16 Ah 28.8 V / 16 Ah

DC motor

2 x 28.8 V / 150 W

Weight drive wheels

9.0 kg each

Weight battery pack

4.2 kg, 10.0 kg, 4.2 kg

Back Recline

-10º -+ 40º

Weight of HMI device

0.4 kg

Weight battery bag

0.2 kg

Weight interface

0.1 kg

Total weight

22.9 kg, 28.7 kg, 22.9 kg

Application class


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ALPHA concept

Synergy of power and lightness

The ALPHA concept sets new standards with state-of-the-art motors in conjunction with the specially developed lithium-ion battery pack. As a result, the SOLO reaches a range of up to 35 km and this with a total battery weight of only 4.2 kg.


Leading the way with innovative technology –
the SOLO convinces all along the line

Lithium-ion battery with a  range up to 35 km
light, compact and agile
Drive wheels without thru axles
Speed ​​adjustable up to 6 km / h
individual attachment to almost all standard wheelchairs
to stow and transport in a space-saving way
NUI – New take-up and locking system of drive wheels
ALPHA concept – combination of state-of-the-art electric motors and lithium-ion battery technology


Advantages that convince

Intuitive change of direction through sensitive sensors
Display in control handle – informs about battery capacity and drive
Transfer of the control from the operating device to the accompanying control in seconds
Ergonomic operating handles make handling very easy
Also available for SOLO +





Accessories for the controller

Tetra fork

Accessories for the controller

Palm operation

Accessories for the controller

Ball 40/50 mm

Accessories for the controller

Built-in therapy table

Accessories for the controller

Holder for accompanying control

Accessories for the controller

Attendant control

Accessories for the controller

Spoke protectors

for attachment to your wheelchair


for a safe driving pleasure


for attachment to your wheelchair

Transport bag 24″

for your wheelchair wheels

swivel arm

Accessories for your wheelchair

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