Quickie Life R

Quickie Life R

Quickie Life R

Rigid Wheelchair

The active wheelchair for those who need to fine-tune their adjustments over time.

Available with a fixed or swing-away front frame, the lightweight QUICKIE LIFE R rigid wheelchair can cater for a number of needs and requirements for first-time active wheelchair users. The LIFE R utilises a long established design that is proven to provide a very robust rigid wheelchair that’s energy efficient, weighs only 10.5kg and allows you to fine-tune your adjustments over time.

Seat Width

340mm – 480mm (13-19") – (34cm – 48cm)

Seat Depth

360mm – 500mm (14 – 20“) – (36cm – 50cm)

Front seat height

390mm – 500mm (15 – 20“) – (39cm – 50cm)

Rear seat height

360mm – 470mm (14 – 18“) – (36cm – 47cm)

Backrest height

250mm – 500mm (10 – 18“) – (25cm – 50cm)

Total Width

SW + 200mm (8“) – (20cm)

Backrest Angle

-12° to +8°

Max. User Weight

125 kg (19.70 stone)

Product Weight

from 10.7 kg

Frame Colours

32 colours

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The adjustable, rigid wheelchair for active users.

With the LIFE-R active wheelchair, you can get the rigid wheelchair setup that you need, all without new parts! Alter the centre of gravity to make your wheelchair more stable or active, change the rear seat height and increase/decrease the bucket or even increase the wheel camber from 0° to 4°! It’s the ideal active wheelchair for users who need to fine-tune their adjustments over time.

Multi-adjustable backrest angle

Get the right seating angle for your LIFE-R active wheelchair with the optional angle-adjustable back that can be adjusted from -12° to +8° (in 4° increments).

Customise your LIFE-R active wheelchair to suit you.

With the LIFE-R Active wheelchair, you’re able to select from two different fixed rigid-frame angles and two swing-away options to get your perfect wheelchair configuration. Plus, you can choose from a range of upholsteries, sideguards and frame colours to get the active wheelchair that’s right for you.

Multiple personalisation possibilities

But… why stop there? Choose between an wide range of options to make your Quickie Life unique, and mark your own style by combining one of the 32 available frame colours with different anodized colours for the axle plate, the fork, or the reel and rim. The number of options is limitless: carbon protector, multiple options of footrests and rear tyres, Surge handrims… Welcome to the modern age with Quickie LIFE!

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