Quickie Life i

Quickie Life i

Quickie Life i

Adaptive Wheelchair

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The right adjustments for individual needs

Extensive adjustability makes QUICKIE Life i the ideal choice for users with progressive neurological disorders such as stroke, ALS or MS. Comprehensive adaptability ensures that the driving profile of the QUICKIE Life i is always in tune with changing user requirements..


Seat Width

340 – 540 mm

Seat Depth

360 – 540 mm

Front seat height

380 – 540 mm

Rear seat height

370 – 510 mm

Back height

360 – 500 mm

Total Width

seath width +20cm

Backrest Angle

-5° – +5°

Frame Angle



0° or 3°

Max. User Weight

140 kg

Product Weight

from 14.5 kg

Upholstery Colours

5 colors

Frame Colours

32 colors

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Multi-Adjustable Rear Seat Height Unit

With one unit the rear seat height, centre of gravity and camber can be easily and constantly adapted to changing needs.


Easy Front Seat Height Adjustment

The full range of front seat height adjustment
from 38 to 54 cm is designed for the neurological
therapy. Ideal also for footpropelling users.


Hemiplegic Armrest

This armrest provides good positioning of the arm especially for hemiplegic users. Available in two different sizes.


Angle Adjustable Back

This simple to adjust backrest provides an angle range of 30° from -5° to +25°. Also a fixed or reclining backrest version available.