MalleoTrain® S

MalleoTrain® S

MalleoTrain® S

Active support for greater ankle stability and security during physical activity.

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After an operation or in the event of slight sprains or repeated overloading, the ligaments of the foot are often weakened and require increased stabilization, which is provided by MalleoTrain S. The active support with individually adjustable strap system gives your ankle reliable support even whilst in motion and protects against the lateral twisting of the foot.

  Increased stability of the ankle on the move
  Breathable Train Active Knit for high wearing comfort
  Ideal for sport thanks to the protection against lateral twisting

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01 Reduced pressure at the edges
prevents constriction
02 Three-dimensional Train active knit
for a perfect fit
03 High elasticity
makes the support easy to put on and take off
04 3-level strap system
Works like a functional tape bandage, Stabilizes the ankle‘s planes of movement, Counteracts supination, Binds the midfootwith the distal lower leg with a vertical figure of eight
05 Breathable Train active knit
gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear
06 Reduced pressure at the edges
prevents constriction


The support’s breathable Train Active Knit is anatomically contoured and fits the foot perfectly. The compression effect of the knit aids the circulation and activates the surrounding musculature. The support thus stabilizes the foot without restricting mobility and is ideal for use during sporting activities. It fits into any trainer and helps to prevent further injury to the ankle during training or competition.


Thanks to its individually adjustable strap system, the MalleoTrain S acts like a functional tape bandage. The strap is fastened around the foot in a figure-of-eight pattern, thus securing the connection of the mid- and hindfoot with the lower leg. Unlike the tape bandage, the strap is applied under tension and its protection can thus be individually adjusted. You can feel it guiding your foot and this protects against lateral twisting, positively influences your perception of your own movement and gives you back the feeling of security during load bearing.

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+6=right, +7=left


Ligament instability
Post-operative rehabilitation
Mild sprains
Supination prophylaxis, especially when playing sports