MalleoTrain® Plus

MalleoTrain® Plus

MalleoTrain® Plus

Extra stability for the ankle.

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The MalleoTrain® Plus ankle support stabilizes the foot following twisting injuries and sprains as well as in cases of ligament weakness and extreme overloading during sport, without restricting mobility. Two elastic profile inserts (pads) and the semi-elastic strap system, wound around the foot in a figure-of-eight pattern, increase the stabilizing effect of the support and protect the ankle from twisting outward. MalleoTrain Plus is therefore also suitable for use in early functional treatment of capsular ligament strains and for protection against ankle injuries.

Increases stability and provides effective protection against lateral twisting
Breathable Train active knit for high wearing comfort
Massages during movement and relieves ankle pain

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01 Reduced pressure at the edges
prevents constriction
02 Three-dimensional Train active knit
for a perfect fit
03 High elasticity
makes the support easy to put on and take off
04 MalleoTrain® pads
for quick reduction of edemas and effusions
05 3-level strap system
Works like a functional tape bandage, Stabilizes the ankle‘s planes of movement, Counteracts supination, Binds the midfoot with the distal lower leg with a vertical figure of eight
06 Breathable Train active knit
gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear
07 Reduced pressure at the edges
prevents constriction


MalleoTrain Plus unifies the proven modes of action of Bauerfeind active supports and those of sport tapings, thereby offering greater stability and security. It first stabilizes the ankle by the compressive effect of the knit and the two elastic profile inserts that are precisely aligned on the outer and inner ankle. The intermittent compression massage triggered by movement then also actives the musculature. This multiple stabilizing effect is reinforced by the semi-elastic strap system because it, like the tape bandage, is wound around the foot in a figure-of-eight. Secured in this manner, even twisting outward is actively countered.


For optimal securing, the strap system of the MalleoTrain Plus consists of elastic, semi-elastic and non-elastic parts. Unlike the tape bandage, the strap is applied independently under tension and its protection can be individually adjusted. The positive effect upon the sensorimotor system is thereby reinforced.






+6=right, +7=left


Chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative irritation of soft tissue in the ankle area
Early functional treatment of capsular ligament strain in the lower ankle
Ligament insufficiency
Supination prophylaxis, particularly during sports activities
Post-operative rehabilitation