JAY Lite

JAY® Lite

Specifically designed for the active client seeking minimal weight

Product Features:

The JAY® Lite wheelchair cushion is an extremely lightweight foam cushion that provides superior pressure distribution, heat and moisture dissipation, and optimal stability in a maintenance free design.

Clinical Application:

 Symmetrical client requires comfort with minimal weight but mild/moderate postural support

 Mild to moderate lateral and forward/rearward stability needs

 Moderate risk of skin breakdown

 Able to perform independent weight shifts

 Requires heat and moisture dissipation


14 – 20"


14 -20"

Height Front


Height Rear


User Weight

113 kg

Product Weight Max

1.62 kg

Product Weight Min

0.55 kg

Cushion Type

Reticulated foam

Cover Type


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Extremely Lightweight

Throughout the design process, every component of the JAY Lite cushion was analyzed and developed to create the lowest possible weight. Weighing a mere 0.8 kg, the JAY Lite is the perfect complement to the numerous ultra lightweight aluminium and titanium chairs available in today’s market.

Curved Or Flat Base

The Lite’s foam base is mildly contoured to encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs. A perfect complement to ultra lightweight wheelchairs, its Airflow design provides ventilation and airflow beneath the client.

OptiWell™ with Reticulated Foam Insert and Ischial Cutouts

JAY’s engineers used average pelvic bone measurements to determine the shape and size of the Lite’s OptiWell, which distributes weight over a greater area. Cutouts beneath the ischial tuberosities and a reticulated foam insert further minimize pressure to protect the skin from breakdown.

3DX™ Fabric and Microclimatic Cover

The Lite’s Microclimatic wheelchair seating cover features a wicking material and a layer of 3DX spacer fabric to promote airflow and dissipate heat and moisture, keeping the top surface and the client clean and dry.