Modular Seating System with Included Tilting

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The only one with tilting system in the seat, adjustable, it grows with the child, it can be positioned both on indoor and outdoor bases.

Posture – it doesn’t have to reset after removing or moving the seat.
Adjustments – continuous movement and without snaps. It can be operated by one hand.
Versatility – it can be positioned on outdoor and indoor bases.
Compactness – compact outdoor bases.
Safety and practicality – guided locking system on a flat surface, it is visible, practical and safe.


Height (cm): 102; 112.
Length (cm): 66 – 92; 82 – 106.
Weight (kg): 18; 22.
Width (cm): 57; 62.

Oeko-Tex Classe 1 Certificate

the highest reachable class for textile products intended for infants and children; for all fabrics that are in direct contact with the skin, to guarantee quality and safety for health.


the fire retardant properties are inherent to the yarn and they do not come from additional treatments


production cycle with low environmental impact

Colours durable and highly resistant

to sweat, light, dry cleaning and washing machine.

Lifting capacity (kg)

35; 45.

Seat Width (cm)

20 – 30; 25 – 36.

Back Angle (degrees)


Seat Angle (degrees)


Seat Back Height (cm)

52 – 62; 60 – 75.

Seat Depth (cm)

20 – 30; 30 – 40

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869 four-wheel outdoor base

Light solid wheels, sliding on all surfaces, with direction locks,
independent drum brakes.

BUG with base 869 passed CRASH TEST according the ISO
7176/19 and ANSI RESNA WC/1

856 indoor high-low feeding base


851 indoor high-low compact base


attachment/removing of the seat unit, easy and safe

The safety push-button (1) makes the removing operation safe, excluding the possibility to operate on the locking/unlocking lever (2) without having first pressed on it. The handle on the rear of the backrest (3) is a valid grip to facilitate the operation of attachment/removing of the seat.

The seat unit slides on two horizontal guides which allow its sliding forward, thus avoiding any effort by the assistant who is not forced to lift the seat to remove it from the base (4).