203-5 Shower chair

203-5 Shower chair

203-5 Shower Chair

The Doccia 203-5 shower chair is a result of over 25 years experience of patients needing to be contained in a correct, seated position. The purpose of this device is to allow a long permanence of adult people (convalescents, disabled elderly people etc) as an alternative to beds.

It’s a very good solution to shower, thanks to its frame in varnished aluminum and its particular upholstery in a temperature-resistant plastic cord.

Seat Depth

cm 40/44 (15.7/17.3 In.)

Seat Width

cm 45 (17.7 In.)

Backrest Height

cm 75/100 (29.5/39.3 In.)

Backrest Width

cm 60 (23.6 In.)

Distance seat edge to footrest

cm 36/46 (14/18 In.)

Total width

cm 49 (19.2 In.)

Total length

cm 92/108 (36.2/42.5 In.)

Total height

cm 117/145 (46/57 In.)

Backrest tilt



Kg 18 (39.7 Lbs)

Max load

Kg 110 (242 Lbs)

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Aluminum Frame, Painted with polyester and epoxy-polyester varnish.
Special Fire Proof Plastic. It allows a wide perspiration and it’s highly wear-resistant. The sufficiently elastic covering assumes the shape of the shoulder and of the bottom.
Winding Headrest adjustable in tilt, height and in the front-back position.
Triangular shaped Winding Backrest in order to keep the trunk better; it can be fixed in 2 positions in order to establish 2 depths of the seat. Adjustable in tilt.
Detachable and turnings sideways sides.
Seat with a 15º Tilt in order to prevent the user from falling forward.
Legrest adjustable in tilt.
One only overturnable Footrest
Unpierceable Wheels 12cm (5 inches); back wheels with brake